Vision for Boston FUTURE
- A Layperson's House of Prayer
At the Boston Catholic Men’s Conference in March 2006,
one of the keynote speakers described the city of
Boston as “Ground Zero”. His description came about
because he sees in this city a place where the immorality
of some of its shepherds, our priests, as well as a lack of
Christian/Catholic strength from lay women and men
has resulted in the near destruction of this, our Church,
the Bride of Christ.

In reference to this Church, Jesus said “and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it” (Matt 16:18). Down through the
centuries we can trace the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit – enlivening and enlightening, strengthening and
encouraging a Church which at times seems almost engulfed by evil. Ignatius of Loyola espoused a mysticism which
premised the similarity between God and His creatures. His teachings renewed a faltering Church and she turned again to
prayer and reflection on the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.  A “service mysticism” emerged. Teresa of Avila instructed
that God is the center of our existence and as we approach Him in prayer, we meet Him: and self is born on the journey. The
power of the Spirit within Teresa was such that it brought about reform in the Carmelite order.

The twentieth century theologian Karl Rahner taught that mystical experience is to be found in the lives of all people
because God addresses all of His creatures, however implicitly. And Rahner profoundly affected the findings of the Second
Vatican Council.

We are mystical people whose destiny it is to be in the presence of God. Today, especially in the beautiful city of Boston,
there is a desperate need for profound contemplative prayer. Although several contemplative religious orders currently
provide that petition to Our Father, there are no visible establishments where lay people are seen to dedicate their time and
their lives to specific prayer for the people of Boston and the world.

Pope Benedict XVI has stated “the centre of Christ’s life was His permanent contact with His Father – contact which results in
the intimacy of prayer. Here and in no other place occurs that profound change in a person which we need for the world to
become better.”  A nuclear power plant of prayer, run by and serviced by lay people, would provide the opportunity to take to
heart the models of mysticism through which the great workers of Christ have enlightened us throughout the past centuries.
A lay person’s House of Prayer would offer to our needy world the “service mysticism” of Ignatius. It would provide a
constant, hour by hour impassioned plea to God that He, in His Mercy, would make more explicit Rahner’s notion of God’s
implicit beckoning. Through the Holy Spirit, it would raise profound contemplative prayer to God which would ignite the flame
of desire for God thus propelling many to embark on Teresa of Avila’s path toward self-discovery through our Creator. And
Boston and beyond will become a city on a hill for Christ (Matt 5:14).
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